Nathalie Jean Louis is a designer who combines creative freedom to the rigour of fine watch making. For several years now, she has specialised in watch movement decorations and traditional hand bevelling. After spending a dozen years in the world of luxury watchmaking, during which she worked at PIAGET SA for 3 years and GREUBEL-FORSEY S.A for 4 years, Nathalie Jean Louis decided to fully give way to her creative tendencies by creating her sub-contracting company in the fields that made her become a renowned professional: traditional file bevelling and watch movement decorations. Motivated by an undeniable passion for sophisticated design and its perfection, Nathalie works towards transforming a common watch into an artistic jewellery...


Nathalie Jean-Louis



Nathalie Jean-Louis works her know-how in hand bevelling and watchmaking decoration since 2004, meeting the most demanding requests for the realization of small series or unique piece for precious or innovative metals. Respecting the watchmaking traditions, She works for high-end artisan decoration in constant research for aesthetic perfection.   DECORATION BY HAND: * Hand Bevelling  * Micromotor Bevelling * Circular graining * Flank drawing * Sink polish * Black polish *...



According to your needs, choose an improvement in lime chanfering in private lesson according to the specific request of each participant.



Whatchmaking decoration masterclass, on request.


Nathalie Jean-Louis


1/2 day: 9am to 12.30pm

Full day : 
- Morning: From 9 am to 12.30 pm
- Afternoon: From 2 pm to 5.30 pm


Learn how to make hand bevelling, from softens and smoothes to polish.

Work the various forms of bevelling (round, interior angles).

Realize some watchmaking decoration (drawn lines, circular drawn).

Learn how to polish the chamfers by hand with a wooden stick.




With inspiration drawn from the finesse of the watchmaking world, Nathalie Jean-Louis' jewellery is truly unique and expresses both aesthetic refinement and technical precision.


Nathalie combines an extensive 11 years of experience with prestigious Swiss watchmakers and a naturally creative mindset, all underpinned by her fine arts training, to produce jewellery where elegance and delicacy come together to wonderful effect.


Through her creations, Nathalie Jean-Louis expresses every element oh the skills she has built working in high-end watch decoration.


With the aim of producing jewellery of the highest quality, Nathalie surrounds herself with artisan jewellers ans Swiss stone-setters throughout the creative process and is always ready to contribute some of the finishing touches herself.


The first itel from the ECLIPSE collection is a unique piece inspired by the moon and dreamt up bu Na ...




As a Swiss visual artist, Nathalie Jean-Louis discovers throught art a powerful and singular means of expression that she is forever exploring, redefining the framework of her own artistic practice. She joined the Académie Maximilien de Meuron in 1996 to study the guidance of the painters Domenico Sorrenti, Pauline Liniger and Catherine Lauer-Wicky. After 3 years of study, she successfully obtained the Diploma of Fine Arts from the Academy Of Meuron. From the painting of Nathalie...