With inspiration drawn from the finesse of the watchmaking world, Nathalie Jean-Louis' jewellery is truly unique and expresses both aesthetic refinement and technical precision.


Nathalie combines an extensive 11 years of experience with prestigious Swiss watchmakers and a naturally creative mindset, all underpinned by her fine arts training, to produce jewellery where elegance and delicacy come together to wonderful effect.


Through her creations, Nathalie Jean-Louis expresses every element oh the skills she has built working in high-end watch decoration.


With the aim of producing jewellery of the highest quality, Nathalie surrounds herself with artisan jewellers ans Swiss stone-setters throughout the creative process and is always ready to contribute some of the finishing touches herself.


The first itel from the ECLIPSE collection is a unique piece inspired by the moon and dreamt up bu Nathalie. Composed of 11.2 grams of pure 750 white gold and thirty 0.4 carat white diamonds. Its complete harmony and round shape bring out the brillance of its precious stones, all of which are exquisitely positioned with the use of two stone-setting techniques: grain and snow. The work involved in this pendant is entirely representative of the unique, artistic endeavour embodied by all of the jewelry art of Nathalie Jean-Louis.